Appendix B — Tasks

The tasks that are used in this book are listed below including their key features and links to their help pages.

Type id Missings? Features Help page
Regression mtcars No Numeric mlr_tasks_mtcars
Binary classif (imbalanced) german_credit No Mixed mlr_tasks_german_credit
Multiclass classif penguins Yes Mixed mlr_tasks_penguins
Multiclass classif penguins_simple No Numeric mlr_tasks_penguins_simple
Binary classif sonar No Numeric mlr_tasks_sonar
Binary classif pima Yes Numeric mlr_tasks_pima
Survival rats No Mixed mlr_tasks_rats
Density faithful No Numeric mlr_tasks_faithful
Clustering usarrests No Numeric mlr_tasks_usarrests
Spatiotemporal ecuador No Numeric mlr_tasks_ecuador