9.2 Integrated Performance Measures

Also see the overview on the website of mlr3measures.

Id Packages Task Type Predict Type
classif.acc mlr3measures classif response
classif.auc mlr3measures classif prob
classif.bacc mlr3measures classif response
classif.bbrier mlr3measures classif prob
classif.ce mlr3measures classif response
classif.costs classif response
classif.dor mlr3measures classif response
classif.fbeta mlr3measures classif response
classif.fdr mlr3measures classif response
classif.fn mlr3measures classif response
classif.fnr mlr3measures classif response
classif.fomr mlr3measures classif response
classif.fp mlr3measures classif response
classif.fpr mlr3measures classif response
classif.logloss mlr3measures classif prob
classif.mbrier mlr3measures classif prob
classif.mcc mlr3measures classif response
classif.npv mlr3measures classif response
classif.ppv mlr3measures classif response
classif.prauc mlr3measures classif prob
classif.precision mlr3measures classif response
classif.recall mlr3measures classif response
classif.sensitivity mlr3measures classif response
classif.specificity mlr3measures classif response
classif.tn mlr3measures classif response
classif.tnr mlr3measures classif response
classif.tp mlr3measures classif response
classif.tpr mlr3measures classif response
debug NA response
dens.logloss dens pdf
oob_error NA response
regr.bias mlr3measures regr response
regr.ktau mlr3measures regr response
regr.mae mlr3measures regr response
regr.mape mlr3measures regr response
regr.maxae mlr3measures regr response
regr.medae mlr3measures regr response
regr.medse mlr3measures regr response
regr.mse mlr3measures regr response
regr.msle mlr3measures regr response
regr.pbias mlr3measures regr response
regr.rae mlr3measures regr response
regr.rmse mlr3measures regr response
regr.rmsle mlr3measures regr response
regr.rrse mlr3measures regr response
regr.rse mlr3measures regr response
regr.rsq mlr3measures regr response
regr.sae mlr3measures regr response
regr.smape mlr3measures regr response
regr.srho mlr3measures regr response
regr.sse mlr3measures regr response
selected_features NA response
surv.beggC survAUC surv lp
surv.brier surv distr
surv.calib_alpha surv distr
surv.calib_beta surv lp
surv.chambless_auc survAUC surv lp
surv.chamblessAUC survAUC surv lp
surv.cindex surv crank
surv.gonenC survAUC surv lp
surv.graf surv distr
surv.grafSE distr6 surv distr
surv.harrellC surv crank
surv.hung_auc survAUC surv lp
surv.hungAUC survAUC surv lp
surv.intlogloss distr6 surv distr
surv.intloglossSE distr6 surv distr
surv.logloss distr6 surv distr
surv.loglossSE distr6 surv distr
surv.mae surv response
surv.maeSE surv response
surv.mse surv response
surv.mseSE surv response
surv.nagelk_r2 survAUC surv lp
surv.nagelkR2 survAUC surv lp
surv.oquigley_r2 survAUC surv lp
surv.oquigleyR2 survAUC surv lp
surv.rmse surv response
surv.rmseSE surv response
surv.schmid distr6 surv distr
surv.song_auc survAUC surv lp
surv.song_tnr survAUC surv lp
surv.song_tpr survAUC surv lp
surv.songAUC survAUC surv lp
surv.songTNR survAUC surv lp
surv.songTPR survAUC surv lp
surv.uno_auc survAUC surv lp
surv.uno_tnr survAUC surv lp
surv.uno_tpr survAUC surv lp
surv.unoAUC survAUC surv lp
surv.unoC survAUC surv crank
surv.unoTNR survAUC surv lp
surv.unoTPR survAUC surv lp
surv.xu_r2 survAUC surv lp
surv.xuR2 survAUC surv lp
time_both NA response
time_predict NA response
time_train NA response